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Installation - Java Comm API

Download the software

cd /usr/ports/java/freebsd-commapi; make install

Other packages needed

Sun's JavaComm API

Sun's JavaComm API must be installed prior using FreeBSD's port.
Note that this port only implements the native part of the code while Sun's JavaComm API contents all classes needed to run the Communications API.

Sun's CommAPI exist in two forms: Solaris or Windows. You need to download the Solaris version.

Link to Sun's JavaComm.

cd /usr/ports/java/commapi; make install

PPI device

PPI device must be compiled in the kernel in order to support Parallel I/O functions. Kernel configuration's file should thus contain the following lines:

device ppc0 at isa? port? net irq 7
controller ppbus0
device ppi0 at ppbus?

PPI device requires a recent version of FreeBSD. Something like 3.0+ I guess.

If you just plan to use Serial part, no need of all this stuff. Just type gmake -k and ignore the error message...

Misc. utils

The Makefile is written to be used with gmake. You need version 3.77 or higher to be installed. See FreeBSD's home page if you don't have it...

Known Bugs

No capture of the BI,FE,OE,PE, OUTPUT_BUFFER_EMPTY events at this point.


July 17, 1999
First beta distribution. It implements parallel port support only in Compatibility mode. And (nearly) full Serial support. 

July 14, 1999
Gary R. Shaffer joined the team and donate us a fully functional implementation of Serial the part he had coded before. 

July 2, 1999
Organization of FreeBSD 'CommAPI' porting team which is an effort to make JAVA's CommAPI freely avialable to the FreeBSD community. Project was coordinated by Jean-Michel DRICOT.

February 13, 2002
Software is currently maintained at by Ari Suutari. A Makefile for FreeBSD ports system has been added.

January 30, 2003
Version 0.2 
- read/write offset is no longer ignored
- uses bsd makefiles
- compiles with native bsd 1.4 jdk

January 27, 2004
Version 0.4
- Serial port supports debugging by setting system property "" to "true".
- Background threads are now daemon threads. This was not the case in earlier versions, which caused programs not to stop normally.

July 8, 2004
Version 0.5
- Use select(2) instead of poll(2). For some reason, the poll didn't work with diablo-jdk 1.3 but select does. Select does not work on older native jdk 1.2, so this change makes this package broken for that jdk. If someone still wants to use jdk 1.2 then FreeBSD commapi 0.4 must be used.

September 1, 2004
Version 0.6
- Turn on CLOCAL flag to avoid hangs when modem signals change.
- Fixed first argument to select

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