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Sun's Java Comm API for FreeBSD

 package download size 
 FreeBSD commapi 0.9 sources 16 k 
 FreeBSD commapi 0.8 sources 16 k 
 FreeBSD commapi 0.7 sources 16 k 
 FreeBSD commapi 0.6 sources 16 k 
 FreeBSD commapi 0.5 sources  16 k 
 FreeBSD commapi 0.4 sources  15 k 
 FreeBSD commapi 0.2 sources  14 k 
 FreeBSD commapi sources  3 k 
 FreeBSD commapi ports  64 k 

Check release notes and follow the installation instructions



This is a port of Sun's Java Comm API for FreeBSD.

Java Comm API allows communications across RS-232 and Parallel lines using java under FreeBSD.

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